The Children in Need bake sale was a huge success due to enthusiasm and hard work of the entire charity group, which meets as part of the Enrichment programme. They produced a wide variety of cakes and other treats which were an instant hit with staff and students alike, selling out within 15 minutes, even though we had produced stock which was meant to last throughout break and lunch!

The members of the group were all allocated different roles which ensured the success of the task and allowed us to raise so much money for such a great cause. Different individuals took responsibility by taking various cakes and cookies to staff and students, so they were more effective in selling the cakes instantly. Please look at the pictures because we designed all the cupcakes ourselves!

Everyone participated and worked together as a proper Broadway Academy team.

Overall I think the bake sale was an immense success and I, along with the rest of the charity group thank those that supported us and eagerly anticipate the next bake sale.

M Begum