The 30th of September was certainly a day to remember for all those attending Broadway Academy; the unexpected truly happened. The sheer amount of cars with darkened windows and armed MI5 guards was a significant clue to the high profile guest that was arriving later that day

Matthew Barzun, the US Ambassador to the United Kingdom arrived at Broadway with staff following quickly behind. It was unbelievable; the primary channel of communication between the two nations who plays a key role in the important treaty negotiations took time out of his schedule to speak to students of Broadway academy. He spoke to the students about the work he does and held a question and answer session which led to an interesting debate on current world affairs.

I found this rare and fulfilling experience. It was very thrilling and engaging as it gave them a chance to open up on questions and discuss issues, concerns or queries with someone knowledgeable and ‘clued up’ on these matters. The students very much appreciated his professional and politically minded answers.

The students eagerly look forward to and would be honored to welcome more high profile guests and speakers in good Broadway spirit and manner.

S Delair