The trip to the US Embassy was a privilege presented to the students of Broadway Academy Sixth Form. We had a fantastic time and it was interesting to see what an actual politician had to say about issues affecting us all in a modern society.

When we first arrived at the Embassy, we were checked! We were told to remove any metal items and hand them in and then we walked through a security scanner- thankfully none of us had anything which could have posed as a threat to the politician! As we walked through and into the building, we saw some armed guards; this was quite a daunting but wonderful experience as many of us have never seen something like this before.

Inside the Embassy, we were seated in a theatre with a large stage. The politician who came to speak to us told us he was an Egyptian Muslim. We all sat quite anxiously as he gave his introduction.

I felt compelled to question him during the question and answer session. Although this was quite scary due to the number of people present- both who I knew and did not know, I knew that this was not an opportunity that I would probably ever get. So I said “In the beginning of your speech, you said that terrorism does not come from any one religion, but you also said that this is a chance for us as Muslims to explain ourselves; Why should we explain ourselves if terrorism isn’t something sacred to our religion? If terrorism comes from all people of all religions and all genders, then everybody in this room has some explaining to do.” He laughed, and agreed, but as all politicians do, he briefly changed the topic. This is something that I found quite amusing- the politician would often avoid questions or change the topic.

Overall in my opinion, this was such an amazing experience. Despite the fact we didn’t get any answers to our questions, I think it definitely motivated everyone who was there to find out more on both local and world news. It was definitely something I will never forget and one of the best trips organised by Broadway Academy!

R Khan